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Our Mission

The FSB Initiative is a 501c3 non profit organization that has one simple mission, help homeless Veterans off the street and on their feet! Our President was a homeless veteran in 2016. He was in a program that really helped him get back on his feet and then transferred to a program in Delaware that was not doing what it needed to for our Veterans. He vowed to start a program that would really make a difference in a homeless Veterans life. Our ultimate goal is to have our own shelter.
We go out into to the homeless community and help the homeless veterans with clothing, hygiene, food, and any other comforts we can give. However, the help does not stop there. We work with them if they have addictions and offer to get them into treatment if they desire. FSB can help get them shelter, employment and other services. A homeless veteran qualifies for care through the VA even if it is not service connected. As long as they are under the care of a program they will get the medical help they need!
Without the help of donors we cannot complete our mission. We are working on items that can be purchased and 100% of it goes to help us help our Veterans who we owe a debt of gratitude that can not be repaid. There are no paid employees so 100% of all donations goes to help men, women and their children if needed get off the street and on their feet.
We currently work with homeless veterans from Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania and hope to expand beyond that. With your HELP we can and will help put a major dent in the homeless epidemic. – Thank you